Rental Report – Six Homes Available in the McLean Hamlet

Welcome to the McLean Hamlet

The McLean Hamlet, a popular neighborhood to live due to convenient location and top rated schools, currently has six homes available for rent as of January 27, 2017.  The homes range in location, style and price, which may allow prospective renters to find a great place to live.

The most recent home to be listed for rent, 1332 Elsinore Avenue, was listed today for a price of $3,950 per month.  This home was purchased in 2014 and rented in 2015 and 2016.

Other homes available for rent include 1307 Titania Lane, listed for $4,500 per month; 8126 Desdemona Court listed for $3,900 per month; 7811 Lewinsville Road listed for $2,975 per month; 8003 Falstaff Road listed for $3,500 per month; and 1352 Snow Meadow Lane listed for $3,900 per month.

These six homes provide a variety of styles and price ranges for prospective renters.


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