Reduced Price plus a new garage at 1240 Titania Lane

1240 Titania Lane price reduced to $899,000.

When traditional methods of selling a home that has been on the market longer than average don’t work, why not try something unconventional?  The home at the corner of Lewinsville Road and Titania Lane at the entrance to the McLean Hamlet has been on the market for 141 days.  The property, 1240 Titania Lane, was completely renovated in 2016 after being purchased by an investor for $755,000. It was listed for sale on September 6, 2016, for $950,000.  However, the home has not yet been sold.  The owner tried a different approach. A one-car garage has been added to the home, as shown in the photo below, along with another photo of the home taken in September, with a carport.

1240 Titania with garage added
1240 Titania with carport

The price of the home was reduced to $899,000, on February 22, 2017.  Look for more updates about the McLean Hamlet as the Spring market approaches.

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