8019 Lewinsville Road Sold for $785,000

The home at 8019 Lewinsville Road on the market for 8 days earlier this Spring has sold for $785,000. It was listed for $784,900, and went under contract.  The initial contract on this home fell through, but another buyer stepped in before the home was available on the market a second time.

Some observers of the McLean Hamlet real estate market who watched several homes sell at prices above $1,000,000 this year may wonder why this home sold at this price.  Typically, when looking at historical sales data for the McLean Hamlet, homes on Lewinsville Road sell at lower prices than homes in the interior of the neighborhood.  Additionally, listings on Lewinsville Road are usually on the market for more days as well.  Over the past 20 years homes on Lewinsville Road in the McLean Hamlet averaged 98 days on the market.  This home sold in just 8 days.

The buyer of 8019 Lewinsville Road lived previously in the McLean Hamlet before relocating outside the neighborhood in 2012. When circumstances required another relocation, this buyer acted quickly and purchased the home to get back to a great location in the sought after McLean Hamlet.