7915 Lewinsville Road Sold

McLean Hamlet home sold off-market by Tom Reilly of Keller Williams Realty, McLean/Great Falls.

The home at 7915 Lewinsville Road sold on May 20 for a price of $1,027,000. The owners interviewed me and three other neighborhood agents when they were preparing to list their home for sale. I interviewed with them, and when the conversation was finished I told them that I already had buyers who wanted to purchase the home. After a visit with my buyer clients we negotiated a contract that satisfied both parties, one that also allowed the sellers to stay in the home until their new home was ready for them.

Prospective buyers, if you want to purchase a home in the McLean Hamlet, or other nearby neighborhoods, don’t wait until a property is listed to contact an agent to represent your interests. In this ultra competitive market you need an agent that finds a house for you and eliminates the competition.

Some real estate agents wait for a home to be listed and then bring their clients to see it, but I work for my buyer clients from the initial consultation and go out and find a home that is not listed. Imagine the satisfaction of my clients when they purchased a home without the stress of competing with other buyers and including escalation clauses in their contract.

Call me if you wish to purchase a home instead of look at listings and competing in bidding wars with other buyers.