New construction underway at 8201 Dunsinane Court

Excavation is underway for construction of a new home at 8201 Dunsinane Court in the McLean Hamlet. The owners of this property, which was purchased on February 29, 2016, for $925,000, live nearby on Dunsinane Court and purchased this lot to build a new home for their family.  The owners of this property are selling another property in the McLean Hamlet, located at 1355 Macbeth Street, which is scheduled to close tomorrow.  Look for a sale update on that property in the next few days.

Somerville Homes is the builder of the new home.  The home is not expected to be listed for sale when completed, leaving 1308 Macbeth Street as the only newly constructed home for sale in the neighborhood. This new home is the second tear down on Dunsinane Court. Coincidentally, the owners of the other new home on the street also lived previously on Dunsinane Court. It is easy to see that owners love the McLean Hamlet as they are willing to construct a new home a few doors away!

1357 Macbeth priced at $925,000 and Coming Soon

The home at 1357 Macbeth is expected to be listed for sale on February 24, at a price of $925,000. The home is a colonial with a two-car side load garage. The home is advertised with five bedrooms — 3 upstairs, 1 on the main level, and 1 in the basement, and four full bathrooms. The lot is in a prime location in the McLean Hamlet, just a short distance to the rear entrance to Spring Hill Elementary School; just around the block from the Hamlet Swim Club; and very close to the best sledding hill on this side of McLean.

Reduced Price plus a new garage at 1240 Titania Lane

1240 Titania Lane price reduced to $899,000.

When traditional methods of selling a home that has been on the market longer than average don’t work, why not try something unconventional?  The home at the corner of Lewinsville Road and Titania Lane at the entrance to the McLean Hamlet has been on the market for 141 days.  The property, 1240 Titania Lane, was completely renovated in 2016 after being purchased by an investor for $755,000. It was listed for sale on September 6, 2016, for $950,000.  However, the home has not yet been sold.  The owner tried a different approach. A one-car garage has been added to the home, as shown in the photo below, along with another photo of the home taken in September, with a carport.

1240 Titania with garage added
1240 Titania with carport

The price of the home was reduced to $899,000, on February 22, 2017.  Look for more updates about the McLean Hamlet as the Spring market approaches.

1355 Macbeth Street Under Contract

The home at 1355 Macbeth Street went under contract in one day.

I reported on February 12, that 1355 Macbeth Street was listed for sale in the McLean Hamlet for $874,800.  As predicted, the home did not last long.  There was an open house held on Sunday, 2/12, and the home went under contract later that day.  Given that the average sale price for Hamlet homes since 2012 is above $900,000, and this home is in well above average condition, it is no surprise that a contract was ratified immediately with such an attractive price.  Based upon past sales, expect this home to sell for several thousand above the list price.  Check back for further updates.


1308 Macbeth construction completed

Construction at 1308 Macbeth in the McLean Hamlet completed.

The construction at 1308 Macbeth Street seems to have reached a conclusion.  The sod for the lawn was laid yesterday, and many news trees and shrubs were also planted.  Below are a few photos of the home taken while I walked my dogs last evening.   On the exterior, the only remaining items seemed to be the installation of a new driveway.  Neighbors should expect an open house to be scheduled soon so we can check out the newest home in the McLean Hamlet.

1308 Macbeth – February 15, 2017
1308 Macbeth rear and side 2-15-17

1318 Titania Lane Sold for $1,190,000

The home at 1318 Titania Lane, listed for sale on November 11, 2016 for $1,220,000, has sold for $1,190,000.  This transaction is the highest selling home in the McLean Hamlet since 1341 Macbeth Street sold for $1,236,000 in November 2015.   Like 1341 Macbeth, the home at 1318 Titania Lane had undergone extension renovations, including an addition featuring a new master bedroom.  This home was on the market for 35 days.

Since January 2012, 19 homes have sold for over one million dollars, including five homes for more than $1,190,000.  The average sale price of the 90 homes sold in the McLean Hamlet since January 2012 is $916,342, according to the local multiple listing service, MRIS, of which I am a subscriber.